There have seen an increase of vehicle index plates being stolen at various locations across Tandridge.

Number plates are stolen and people rarely report this but what happens is that your car in effect gets cloned as you replace your number plates and they use yours for ANY number of crimes from speeding tickets to parking to smash and grabs. The owner will get the tickets and the early morning knock from the police…just to check you weren’t driving the car! If you report the theft to the police they will at least have the issue on file. High value fast cars are very popular but so too are small non obvious cars.

In the drive to reduce this specific crime Tandridge Police are holding a Vehicle Security event on Saturday 27th July 2019 between 10am and midday outside Caterham Police Station, Timberhill Road, Caterham CR3 6LD.

Non return anti tamper security fixings for index plates will be available for free to all attending.