The Princes Trust is working hard to expand opportunities for young people not in education, employment or training in the Thames Valley so they’d love to find out about the needs of your young people so we can enhance and tailor their provision. If you have any feedback or insights you’d like us to consider they’d love to hear them. Please email Rhian Galea at and let her know about the need in your area (please include what that area is).

All of the programmes are free of charge to eligible young people and young people who take part are offered continuing support for up to 6 months after completion of the course. Below there is a quick run-down of the types of programme they’re currently offering in Thames Valley area. In addition to the below they are also looking to start running Opportunity Days/Get Hired events for work-ready young people. These will include employability training such as CV writing, interview techniques and recognising your strengths and transferable skills alongside live interviews with employers offering entry level jobs. Your insights on where there is a need for this and about any organisations or companies they may be able to partner with to provide these would be appreciated.

The current programmes offered in the Thames Valley are:

Get Started (16-25) – Themed 1 week personal development courses for those lacking motivation, confidence and soft skills to give them a boost and improve their employability. Get Started often includes a qualification on completion (eg. Level 1 FA Coaching Football, Bronze Arts Award).

Team (16-30) – A 12 week personal development course for those lacking motivation, confidence and soft skills to give them a boost and improve their employability. The Team programme includes working on a community project and a 1 week residential where participants take part in challenging activities. This is particularly suited to young people who lack self-confidence, self-belief and motivation and would benefit from a longer intervention.

Get Into (16-30) – Themed 2-4 week courses aimed at young people who are work-ready which include soft skills training, work relevant skills training (eg. Customer service) and a work placement, often with an interview for employment at the end. Get Into sometimes includes a qualification or license on completion (eg. Basic Food Hygiene certificate, SIA badge).

Enterprise (18-30) –  A 4 day course for young people with a business idea who are interested in going into self-employment. Enterprise helps them explore and test their idea with a business mentor and delivers practical business skills workshops such as finance, marketing and business planning. There are also small business loans available through Enterprise.

Achieve (11-19) – A series of educational modules aimed at 11-19 year old school under-achievers which result in a qualification on completion, (the highest level achievable being level 2, equivalent to a GCSE). Modules are delivered by your own staff, at your own pace, on your own schedule and you can pick and mix from the modules to suit your young people’s needs. The Prince’s Trust provide training, resources and support for the delivery and assessment of the modules which include topics like teamwork, community engagement and managing money. These are very flexible in time and delivery which is often a great advantage for young people with special educational needs. Achieve is funded by corporate partners who also provide options for work-place visits.

Although Achieve is an educational programme and is, at present, primarily delivered in schools it can be utilised by other organisations such as councils and youth organisations working with NEETs and Looked After Children to offer young people who are (or who are at risk of becoming) educational under-achievers the opportunity to achieve a GCSE level qualification and enhance their personal development. The modules are delivered by your own team and can be aided by volunteers where appropriate.

If you have any questions or would like to chat further about any of our programmes and how they might be beneficial for your young people or ways in which we may be able to work together please don’t hesitate to get in touch.