Are you providing (or planning to provide) a community support service in Tandridge, or you know of such a service, please complete this online form

If you require volunteers please tell us what part of Tandridge you are in so that we can provide volunteers close to your area, please contact 07741 657182 and provide us with the following information:

  • What you need them to do
  • What the volunteering process is?
  • Name of the contact
  • Contact email address
  • Contact phone number

We're here to help

TVA's Volunteer Centres support Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector organisations to successfully recruit and match volunteers for your organisations.

Volunteers are a valuable resource bringing enthusiasm, skills, experience, flexibility, fresh ideas and new ways of working.

Whether volunteers can offer a regular commitment, one-off, occasional, or seasonal help, every volunteer has a unique contribution to make.

How can we help?

  • Recruit volunteers for your organisation
  • Support your organisation to develop new and existing opportunities to appeal to a diverse group of volunteers
  • Support your organisation by encouraging the adoption of good practice in volunteering management
  • Raise the profile of volunteering in Surrey through local and county initiatives
  • Campaign on both local and national volunteering issues
  • Work towards creating a positive environment for volunteering in the local area

Promoting Your Opportunities

Volunteer Centres work with organisations to stimulate interest in volunteering and community activity. Follow these five steps:

Step One – Registration

Register your organisation and opportunities with the Volunteer Centre. Contact us for organisation or opportunity registration forms.

Step Two – Information

Details of your activities and services help prospective volunteers get a clearer picture of what you do. Keep us up-to -date with leaflets, publicity material, newsletters or via social media to help us promote your opportunities effectively.

Step Three – Referrals

If a prospective volunteer expresses an interest in your opportunities we will contact you and pass on their details. Please respond promptly to any referrals we make. Volunteers are likely to be looking at more than one organisation before making a decision, so act quickly to follow up the potential volunteer.  This is also a good opportunity to promote your organisation.

Step Four – Invitation

Invite the prospective volunteer for an informal chat or interview. You will need to assess the volunteer’s suitability for a role before taking up references or a DBS check.

Step Five – Keep us informed

Please keep us updated of any organisational changes. Let us know if you take on any of the volunteers we refer to you, or if an opportunity is no longer available. You can add or remove opportunities at any time. This is essential to prevent us referring volunteers to you unnecessarily.

How can we promote your opportunity?

In addition to our one-to-one sessions with people interested in volunteering we may also promote opportunities via:

  • Our database of volunteering opportunities
  • Volunteering and local events
  • Social media and websites
  • Local press
  • National campaigns and events

Please contact your nearest Volunteer Centre if you are a Surrey wide or district wide organisation as we can help you circulate your information throughout the county. Promoting your organisation and opportunities through your own networks, publications and promotional material is equally important.