Tuesday’s Housing Committee agreed to the principle of an emerging Community Interest Company’s proposal to offer a broad range of services and activities which would incorporate the more popular services provided at the Douglas Brunton Centre (DBC) with a much broader range of services and activities which would better benefit the community.

The Council carried out a four month consultation around the DBC and the existing services, which included discussions with the current centre users, the public and which helped establish how day and community centres attain success.

The Committee considered various options put forward from the consultation and agreed it would be better for a wider range of services and activities to be provided by the proposed Community Interest Company (CIC).  A CIC is a company designed for social enterprises which benefit the community rather than private shareholders. The proposed CIC needs to be formally established and the trustees would need to submit a detailed business plan for consideration by the Housing Committee in June.

Meetings have been held with local service providers, partners, stakeholders and councillors and these have shown great commitment to working together to providing an exciting mix of future services for residents.

Councillor Nick Childs, Chair of the Housing Committee, said: “We are keen to work in partnership with the proposed CIC as we believe they can offer the best solution for the whole community, including the needs of more vulnerable residents, so they keep their independence and do not become socially isolated.”

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