COVID 19 Community Support Volunteer

Over the coming months voluntary and public services in Tandridge will come under increasing pressure - more vulnerable people will need support at a time when organisations have reduced capacity, due to staff and volunteer absence.

The response from Tandridge residents to support others in their community has been outstanding so far, but a coordinated effort is important to ensure the most vulnerable people get help. If you're healthy and at low-risk, you can sign up here to become a Community Support Volunteer and help others in Tandridge.

The purpose of this form is to collect your contact details and other useful information so we can match the right volunteers with service gaps and people in need. We ask for your email address, phone number, name and postcode, along with some details about the support you are able to offer. We will store this information specifically for the volunteer response for COVID-19, in line with the TVA's GDPR policy.

Thank you for your help.