The why, where and how of volunteering

We spoke to retired teacher and Tandridge Voluntary Action volunteer Tarsim Nagra about her volunteering experience.

Tarsim, can you tell us why you decided to be a local community volunteer?

I was coming up to retirement and I was a bit concerned about how I was going to fill my free time. I obviously had retirement plans but I decided that I wanted to put something back into the community.

I’d dealt with Tandridge Voluntary Action (TVA) in the past when my son was 14 and he wanted to do community work to support his Duke of Edinburgh award. I went along with him to meet TVA and whilst there thought that I too have a few hours to spare. Little did I think that TVA could find me something, but they did, and I ended up serving as a trustee for a Citizens Advice Bureau for several

Why did you decide to become a community volunteer?

Why did you then decide to volunteer for the South East Cancer Help Centre (SECHC)?

Sadly, my son, when he was 17, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a form of cancer. I went to the hospital appointments and got to know all things associated with cancer treatment and I just knew that when I had time that I would like to give my payback to the community with cancer charities. That’s where the interests come from and when I went to Tandridge Voluntary Action
(TVA) I did tell them that’s the sort of thing I’m interested in and they directed me towards the South East Cancer Help Centre.

What does your volunteer role involve?

What does your volunteer role involve?

I volunteer at the South East Cancer Help Centre (SECHC) in Purley every Friday morning on reception for four hours. I answer the phone, I make appointments, I greet clients and basically help with anything that needs doing.

What I like about it is that it’s a very busy place where I meet lots of people. It also makes use of the skills that I have such as using the computer and entering data.

SECHC is 35 years old, it’s an independent charity and it has the support of many volunteers without whom it would just not function.

How did you hear about Tandridge Voluntary Action?

Tarsim, why would you recommend local community volunteering to others?

If you have spare time, there is nothing more rewarding than giving your time to help other people.

Its local, its down the road, you don’t have to worry about spending money getting there or travelling a long distance. It’s something you can easily do.

Its local so the charities you see are benefiting local people and, who knows, one day you might need to use those services. So many of these places could not exist without volunteer help so that’s why I feel it’s important.

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Why would you recommend volunteering?

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