Tandridge Befriending Scheme provides friendship and companionship to those who are lonely or isolated.

Loneliness comes about as result of many factors – and not everyone has family or friends to fall back on or talk to. Those who are housebound due to illness or disability may not be able to take part in social activities or keep in contact with others in the same way. Confidence and self-esteem can be hugely affected by life changes such as bereavement or loss.

The valued Tandridge Befriending Scheme has been running in the district since 2001.  It relies on committed volunteer befrienders to make the scheme possible; they are the reason so many wonderful and positive friendships are made. Referrals to the Befriending Scheme come from a number of sources, including health and social services, local voluntary sector organisations, friends, family and individuals who are seeking support.

Experts in the Psychology Department at the University of Surrey (UNIS) have recently undertaken research for TVA into the evidence around the impacts of befriending schemes and how organisations are measuring those impacts Download the report here

To make a referral to the Befriending Scheme complete the Referral Form by downloading it using the button below. Once completed please email it to 

Download Befriending Referral Form

Is Befriending something you could do?


  • Do you enjoy helping others?
  • Would you like to ‘make a difference’ to someone’s life?
  • Do you like a chat and listening to others?
  • Do you enjoy company and meeting new people?
  • Do you have an hour a week to spare?

If you would like to find out more about how the scheme could be of benefit to you, or how you could help others, please contact the Tandridge Befriending Scheme Co-ordinator or complete and return this form to

Lucy Darlow
Mobile: 07796 307286

Befriender Coffee Mornings at The Bull in Limpsfield  

Thanks to generosity of Dave Nichols and The Bull pub, The Befriending Scheme are going to pilot coffee mornings at The Bull for current Befrienders and anyone interested in becoming a Befriender until June to see what sort of uptake there is and how things work.


Tuesday 10th March

Tuesday 14th April (may revise due to Easter)

Tuesday 12th May

Tuesday 9th June


10 am until 12 noon

The idea is for this to be a networking and chat time for befrienders – but we also know that some befrienders would like to bring their friends and stay on for lunch – so we are making the timing overlap with when the pub will open to the public which is 11.30am.

The first hour is just for befrienders to give people time to talk through things or offer support or advice to each other. Befriendees will be welcome to join the fray after 11am. The ramp will be set up at the side entrance for access as before.


Helping out

We agreed that this is a joint venture and in order to make it work Dave will need some willing helpers who can learn to use the coffee machine and help wash up too!

We agreed that if there is a rota of volunteers for this then no one is going to feel overly put upon and it remains a truly shared set up.


Letting Us Know You are Coming!

This is going to be really necessary to ensure that Dave has some idea of numbers to expect.

(There will not be a charge and we are exploring an opportunity to receive some funding that will cover costs – this is being explored next week on Feb 19th so we will know more after that - )

Some befrienders suggested that they would like to make cakes / scones for the coffee mornings as a way of contributing.


Please can you contact Lucy Darlow by email or on her mobile  07796 307286 to say if you will be coming to the first one on  10 March

Please can you let Lucy know if you would be willing to help on the 10 March and have a training session on the coffee machine – barista style!


Tandridge Befriending Scheme's Tandridge Together Lottery

Tandridge Together Lottery is a weekly online lottery which supports good causes and local voluntary groups like the Befriending Scheme.

Lottery tickets costing ONLY £1 are available via

From each ticket you buy, 50p of the £1 ticket price will go directly to the Befriending Scheme. Also, 10p in every pound will go into a fund for the Council to distribute in the form of small grants, to a wide range of good cause projects.

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Support the Tandridge Befriending Scheme


Volunteer Befrienders tell us..

“J is a real true friend, kind and thoughtful. I don’t know what I would do without her. I look forward to Monday every week – if I didn’t see J, I wouldn’t see anyone”

“I am 84 years of age and have been a widower for just over 9 years. I have no family and have often felt lonely and socially isolated. I have limited mobility and therefore am unable to go out much. The 2 hours a week of company has made all the difference to me”

“X has major health issues and is in pain – my time spent with her is just for us. I am there because I want to be. It is not my job”

“X gets very anxious. She lives alone and is housebound. I enjoy her company - she is a very intelligent lady. I love the stories of her childhood during the war. She would be very lonely is she did not have anyone that she could view as an actual friend”

“The friend I have is a very special person. Our conversations are meaningful and we have a lot of fun covering many subjects. She is kind and helpful and I do not like the thought of losing her”

“I have a lot of friends and would hate to be on my own so just visiting someone who is on their own makes me feel good. To form a new friendship makes me feel I am doing something worthwhile”

“This young lady has now become a friend. She has learnt to trust me and has opened up. Her medical conditions prevent her from living on her own. She now suggests activities when she is well and not in hospital and I hope that I am helping her with her depression and self-esteem”

Safeguarding Information

Tandridge Voluntary Action (TVA) values and encourages the involvement of people who may be vulnerable, both in its own work and in the work of other organisations. Through its Safeguarding Policy TVA is committed to protecting their health, safety and general welfare while in contact with TVA trustees, staff and volunteers.

Click here for the TVA Safeguarding and Befriending Policy Safeguarding and Befriending Policy

Click here for the TVA Safeguarding Presentation Safeguarding Presentation

Click here for the TVA Volunteer Safeguarding Presentation Volunteer Safeguarding Presentation


The Befriending scheme is supported by funding from: